Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy changes at any time, and changes to our privacy policy will be reported on our website as soon as it is changed at any time.

Data Collection:

We collect the name, email address and phone number just for communication with our customers and kept it secret for any other expense.

Data Confidentiality:

We guarantee that database data is fully trusted and will never be shared with any third party.

Online Visits:

We verify the IP address of our customers every time we visit

Our Privacy Policy combines the use, collection and disclosure of information collected on our website. We are dedicated to assuring you of maintaining the security and confidentiality of financial and personal security. The reader must keep in mind that our privacy policy applies to all registered persons or their products or services, using separate privacy practices. We have links to other sites of related products, and when they use these links, they simply leave the outside and have to keep in mind that we are not controlling these sites. It does not assume responsibility for the privacy and privacy of the sites you provide information, and such sites will not be subject to our Privacy Policy. In the report on the protection of data on these related sites, account must be taken of.

All the given products are already discounted and offer limited stock with no rain checks. There are no prior gift cards, purchases, taxes, shipping, and processing or gift certificates charges. The applicable tax must be paid but the customer. Offers may not be conjunction with discount, code, coupon, promotion or other offers. Where necessary void prohibited, taxed or may restrict. Return of any portion will be equated with balanced forfeiture of the offer or minimum/equal amount. We have right to end or modify any promotion at any time of the year with other resections applied at any time.